15 FEBRUARY 1935, Page 2

The Church and Road Deaths The debate on road accidents

initiated by the Bishop of Ely in the Church Assembly was remarkable for the sure- ness of direction which kept it on precisely the ground on which such a body is qualified to speak with authority. While Dr. Heywood's presentation of the subject was strictly practical, and a11 his statements were fortified by official statistics, the point on which he laid insistence was that careful driving was essentially an ethical question, and that only in so far as drivers developed not merely a road sense but a road conscience would the slaughter be diminished. That is profoundly true, and the Church; which is faced with genuine difficulties in its approach to various public questions—such as unemployment, which The Assembly has , also, been discussing—can without hesitation, and with great advantage, keep the public _conscience sensitive on this vital question. The Assemblv; it may be noted, discussing another social question well within its proper field, echoed The Spectator's recent demand for a Government enquiry into the whole question of the influence of films and how to improve them.

* * *