15 FEBRUARY 1935, Page 36


I referred on a previous occasion to the impression con- veyed by the speeches of the Chairman of the Gas Light and Coke Co. Of the energy displayed by `the directors and

management in maintaining and extending the use of gas,

while equally I consider that Sir David Milne-Watson's addresses are to be commended for the amount of information given to shareholders with regard to the progress of their

business. By one of those freaks of the weather-clerk, the month of December last year was one of the warmest on record, whereas in 1933 December was one of the coldest. Despite that .fact Sir David was able to announce at the last meeting of the Gas Light and Coke Co. that more gas was sold, in 1934 than in the previous year, while the demand for new gas appliances had broken all previous records. The financial results were also excellent, and as already announced in these columns the dividend was announced at the same rate as in the previous year. The Chairman also stated that the company had had considerable success during' the year in obtaining public lighting contracts for varying periods with a large number of local authorities. A good deal of the informa- tion given at the annual meeting of the GaS Light and Coke Co. is obviously intended Tor the public as well as the shareholders, and some of the modern appliances for gas mentioned in the speech by Sir David are, I fancy, unknown to a good many of the public, for he spoke of gas fires that can be lit with switches, doing away with the use of matches, -and coke fires- that can