15 FEBRUARY 1935, Page 36


Whether, as the result of politics or any other influence, there is to be a check to the trade revival remains to be seen, but further evidence of the greater activity In the matter of retail sales- is afforded by the recent satisfactory Profit Statements made by some of the leading groups. In the case of the Selfridge group, for example, which includes Selfridge and Co.,- Ltd., The Selfridge Provincial Stores and William Whiteley, Ltd., the statement. is a most satisfactory one. The profits of the entire group over the past twelve months amounted to £734,00O, as 'compared with £704,000 in the previous year and 1673,000 in 1932. As regards Selfridge and Co., the profit for last year was 1375,139 against 1347,327 (plus 18,317 profit on the sale of a subsidiary com- pany) in 1933, while for 1932 the profit was 1341,559. As a consequence of this improved position the dividend on the Ordinary shares of Selfridge and Co. Ltd., is raised from 3 to 5 per cent., while the carry forward is increased by £5,000. In the case of William Whiteley, Ltd., the profit for the year was 1156,580, against £151,924m 1938 and £135,690 in 1932.