15 JANUARY 1831, Page 15


A VERY fine and interesting work of Ornithology has been just com- menced by Mr. Joins GOULD, entitled "A Century of Birds, hitherto unfigured, from the Himalaya Mountains." The drawings are made on stone, from the life, by Mrs. GOULD : they are mi- nutely accurate, and artist-like in style; and are coloured in a very superior manner. The plumage of some of the birds is curiously beautiful, while others are of more chaste and sober hues. To the naturalist this work will prove exceedingly interesting, and it will form an appropriate illustration of Mr. FRASER'S account of the Himalaya Mountains.

The second and third Numbers of Mr. LEAR'S Parrots contain some superb varieties ; among the most striking of which are the Hyacinthine Macaw, with deep purple plumage ; the Roseate Parrakeet, with a curious and apparently artificially-formed ; the Red-capped Parrakeet, a splendid bird ; and the Bay-headed Parrot. The drawing and colouring of the plates are brilliant and accurate.