15 JANUARY 1831, Page 19


THE meetings of the Society recommenced on Thursday last ; and, in the absence of the President, his Royal Highness the Duke of Susszsr, the chair was taken by the Treasurer, J. W. LUBBOCK, Esq., one of the Vice-Presidents.

The Reverend Mr. Warren, author of a paper on the geometrical re- presentation of imaginary quantities, formerly published in the Society's Transactions, signed the obligation in the charter-book, and was admitted a Fellow of the Society. The following candidates were proposed for election — Richard Twining, Esq., of Norfolk Street, F.L.S.; and Joseph Hodgson, Esq., of Birmingham.

Lord Selkirk was by ballot elected a Fellow of the Society.

Part of a paper "On the Equilibrium of Fluids, and the Figure or a Homogeneous Planet in a Fluid State," by James Ivory, Esq., MA., F.R.S., Instit. Reg. Sc. Paris Corresp , and Reg. Sc. Gotting. Corresp. was read, and the remainder of the paper was reserved for reading at a future meeting. The following books were presented to the Society ;—" The Life of Sir Humpliry Davy, Bart and P.R.S." By J. A. Paris, M.D. &c.

Remarks submitted to the Right Hon. Viscount Melbourne, hi- reply to a pamphlet addressed to him by Nicholas Harris Nicolas, Esq., and entitled "Observations on the State of Historical Literature," &e. By Francis Palgrave, Esq. "On the Relation between Chemical Changes and Galvanic Electri- city." By Dr. Fischer, of Breslau.

"Zoological Researches." By J. V. Thompson, Esq. "An Experimental Inquiry into the Number and Proportions of the Primary Colours, and the Source of Colour in the Prism." By Walter Crum, Esq.