15 JANUARY 1831, Page 1

The French Chamber of Peers have, by a large majority,

passed the Slave Trade Abolition Bill. This is the most important feature in the legislative proceedings of the week. The fervour which threat- ened so much at the trial of the ex-Ministers seems wholly extinct. Every change that has since taken place, has had for its object the consolidation of the executive power; and every change so made has been quietly and respectfully submitted to. A circular has been addressed by the Minister of Public Instruction to the youths of the different schools, reminding them of an ordinance of the 20th July, 1820, .which forbids the pupils of one school, or of different schools, from forming any association, And from acting or writing in a collective capacity. This suppression of the political assem- blies of these fiery young men may be looked ones the final close of the drama in which they have performed so important a part. Henceforth, we hope our French neighbours will leave boys to

their books, and women to their needles; and where reform is yet called for, seek to attain it by rational as well as legal means. The credentials of the Russian Ambassador have at length ar- rived; they were presented on Saturday. The Ministers seem to have been greatly gratified at this event, which was rather pomp- ously announced in the Chamber of Deputies.