15 JANUARY 1831, Page 8


Saturday—Henri Quatre—Davy Jones. Nonday—Pizarro—Davy Jones. Tuesday—The School for Scandal—Davy Jones.

Wednesday—Werner—Davy Jones.

Thursday—The Brigand—The Illustrious Stranger—Davy Jones. Friday—Werner—Davy Jones.


Saturday—Cl nderella—Harlequi it Fat, &c. .Monday—Romeo and Juliet—Harlequin Fat, &c. Tuesday—Cinderella—flerlequin Fat. tee. Wednesdhy—Fazio—liarleg Ili a Fat, 8,tc. -Thursday—The 100/. Note—Harlequin Fat, Sic.—Teddy the Tiler. Friday—Fazio—Harlequin Fat, &c.

This week has been equally barren of novelty as the last, and our memoranda must be but few. At Drury Lane, the various favourite .productions which we have already noticed at different times have been repeated, to very respectable, and apparently well-satisfied audiences; . and at Covent Garden the onitrnovelty has been the revival of MIL- MAN'S wild and unnatural tragedy of Fazio. Miss KEMBLE's perform- - mice of Bianca is like all her other performances—gentle, interesting, . and occasionally affecting. The applause was very lavishly bestowed ; . and on Mr. EGERTON'S endeavouring to give out the next evening's • performance, Mr. KE3I HIE was loudly called for by some gentlemen in

. the pit. After a little demur, Mr. EGERTON said, " it was not known whether Mr. HEMEL E was in the house ;" but the pit declared that they . did know it, for that he had been seated in a private box all the evening. This settled the point ; the manager soon appeared, and announced the tragedy for repetition on Friday and Monday, amidst very general ap- plause.

MiNons.—There has been very little new during the week.

THE OLYMPIC repeated the performances of the former week until • TRursday, when Pro Diavolo was reproduced, having been transplanted from the Tottenham Street Theatre. In this opera a Mr. HODGES made his delnit in what was formerly MELROSE'S part.

• ADEL en r.—Nothing DEW. The Wreck Ashore, Was I to blame? A Dead Shoe, and the Pantomime, have been well attended, as usual.

SuRREV.—A new drama, in two acts, entitled the Two Pupils, or a Pedagogue Punished, was produced here on Thursday, with applause. Tun FRENCH Comeaszy has begun, but we have not yet paid our first visit.