15 JANUARY 1831, Page 9

The Western Luminary remarks, that English i coals are cheaper

in Egypt than in the metropolis of England. We can easily believe it ; at the same time, this does not arise from the Government tax, which is heavier on exported than coast-carried coals, but from the infa- mous exactions and extortions of the City .of London. Much as we are inclined to deprecate the Government tax, we should yet say, that to call for its removal, and to leave the Corporation taxes untouched, would be most absurd, and to grant it ecnially so. The facts which the 'public should steadily attend to are .these—that coals, which in the Pool cost 22s. 6d., ccist in the cellar of the con- sumer 45s.; that of the 22s. 6d.; only 6s. goes to Government, the reinaining 16S. 6d. gcies to the City of London', and the tag rag of whippers, waggoners, shooters, meters, and halt' a hundred be- sides. The abolition 'of the duty would lower coals at the utmost about 12 per cent.. or :2d. in the shilling ; the other reducible impositions amount to about 33 per cent. more, or 3d. in the re- maining 10d.