15 JANUARY 1977, Page 16


Sir: I'm still worried about the case of Mr W. E. Bell who wrote (11 December) fro" a public school staffroom to deplore .the Spectator's publication in its back pages of 'advertisements of homosexual opPor. tunities.'

His comparison with advertisements which 'authorise' heterosexual or drug addictive activities was illogical, and ignored the fact that most 'quality' magazines bristle both with advertisements and with subject" matter which promote heterosexual acti

vities. But much more serious was his apparent ignorance of the fact that unless our homosexual brethren are to be allowed Opportunities for discreetly meeting up with People of similar inclinations, the risks of indecency in public places, and of the molestation of the young, will be much increased. Since informed public discussion of this formerly taboo subject is now widespread, it is the more regrettable to find pockets of unenlightenment in just that quarter, the teaching profession (particularly in boarding schools), where we know there will be Young people desperate for help.

If Mr Bell has a brother, son, or even daughter who faces this problem, he or she may well find an escape from the anguish of social isolation in the back pages of our better weeklies.

(Dr) J. Stanford Aston 9 Kersley St. London SW11