15 JULY 1837, Page 1

Again we have a very scanty supply of news from

the Conti- nent. Don CARLOS, having crossed the Ebro, has established his head-quarters at Cantavieja, in Lower Arragon, on the confines of Valencia. He intends to proceed to Valencia, according _to one account ; another says that he will certainly march on Madrid. They who hope for the success of the Queen pretend that ESPAR- TERO has done wisely in suffering the Carlists to get into an open country, where cavalry can be brought against them, and that their return to the mountains of Navarre and Biscay is now impossible. The Queen Regent, it is rumoured, intends to leave her daughter un- der the protection of t lie French and English Ambassadors, and to place herself at the head of her army. Much good may she do there ! Numerous arrests have been made at Madrid ; and a story is current at Paris that the Queen Regent had been shot at. On the 4th instant, the garrison at Hernani mutinied, for want of pay and food. General RENDON was severely wounded, and an English officer killed by his side. With some difficulty the riot was suppressed ; but it is rumoured that a revolt of a similar de- scription bad broken out in San Sebastian.