15 JULY 1837, Page 10



The issue of money consequent upon the payment of the Dividends has et. tires reli, vet the pressure under which the market has for some time laboured; but the change in the rate of interest has not been attended with any improve. meat in the price of Public Securities; which to-day are, and hare been daring the whole week, within a shade of the prices of Saturday last. The Stock Et. change list of to day exhibits the prices of two descriptions of Sock, in which transactians very rarely occur,—viz. New Five per Cents. and South Sea Stock; the former of wliich, it will he rememlwred, are a creation arisingfrom the lustre. diction of the Four per Cents. iti 1880 (when en option was offered to the holders of the then Femur per Cents. of taking 70/. Five per Cents. irrtslucible for seventy years, or a certain amount of Three and- a. Hall per Cents. for every 1001. Four per Cent. Stock): this Stock, so created, has been done today al 129. The amount of Five per Cents. now in existence is not more that 700,000/. ; and as they are chiefly held by tt ustees, very little business ever occurs in theta ; and the appearance of a trittotion in the list puldislwd at the Stock Exchange of bargains actually effected, is a remarkable occurrence. The South Sea Stock is quoted at l0l ; it :t Three and -a- Half per Ceat. Stock, held principally in the same manner as the New Five per Cents. The Railway Share Igarket has experienced considerable fluctuations ; and some of the higher sluts es—as London mat Birmingham, and Great Western—have varied tnaterially, the former having fluctuated 32/. per share in two days, and the latter about 18/. The produce of the first week of the Liverpool and Bir- mingham Railway disappointed the expectations of the shareholders ; and many of the speculators were hence induced to sell. The Ines-tire was alp increased by the failure of one of the dealers; and a depression ensued of 171. in the London and Birmingham, nail ubout 71. in the Great Western, the former have since reached about 15/. per share, and the latter about 81. The traffic on the Liverpool and Birmingham Railway is also on the inerease ; old on Monday or Tuesday last the amount taken in tolls exceeded 11001. The Foreign 'Market has been in a very lttiet state ; scarcely any transactions worthy of notice have occurred in any of the current Stocks. Spanish still continues to decline; and the Portuguese Bonds are heavy, in consequence of the discouraging nature of the late amounts from I.isbon : however, uo material alteration in the price of the Bonds has taken place.


Yesy little of consequence has occurred here this morning. The pries of Stock are generally the same as yesterday. The Railway Shares ate in soma instances higher. London and Bit mingliam 33 iti prem. ; Cleat Western sb 911; Brighton, Stephemon's, 21. to 21. 10s.; Rennie's, I!. 15s. ; Oxted, 1!. 5s. to I/. los. ; Gibbs's, 13s. to 14s. ; Cundy's, 10s. to 15s. per share. l'he South American Stocks are generally without variation. Colombian 24 to 244; Mexican 21 to 2.2 ; Peruvian 1911to92p.

Drat Hien 5 per Cents. 114* 3 per Cent. Consols 921 e Dutch .2e per Cents 72* Ilitto fur Acentint 91* I 52i

3 per Cent. Seduced

New 3/ per rent. Alms 9i41. Danish Portuguese Regency 5 p. (As 431

Kink Stock 2118 Ditto 3 per Cent. 26; 7

hells Stuck 15 ussiaui (1822)5 pie rent ... 159

Ditto Bonds 4 41 13 43

Spanish (1835)5 pet. t eta... 211 4 .1 .

Exchequer Bills Defeated Stook 7i I