15 JULY 1837, Page 10


Gilt .h,ly 1437.

gm—Allow site to call your attention to another pretty instanee of the job- bing practised by the Trustees of our National Gallery, or their agents and advisers, in their rejection of the Cot:ahem which has lately been brought into the market. Your admirable remarks upon that picture first made me anxious to see it ; and, I may add, that they also induced au artistical friend of mine to come a hundred miles from the country on purpose to see it. We went opal and again to see and study it ; and every time catne away more satisfied °flu being a genuine CORREGIO, and, in fact, the finest work of that master is England, perhaps in Europe. I need say nothing of its merit+ to you ; and I am sure you will agree with me in thinking that such a picture merited to inspection at least by our National Gallery people. The proprietor, however, (I forget his name,) managed imptudently in exposing his picture to the arbitrenient of public opinion, instead of alluring the approbation of the higher powers who manage these matters by the compliment of submitting it to their view in the first instance, and placing it in a proper light to render its memo appreciable to them. In plain terms, the thing was not open to a job, owl therefore nothing could of course be said to it. But why was not such a work admitted into the British Institution, where it might at least have been sees, and must have been appreciated by the public? Let me ask whether Mr. SEG CIER. or any of his COmmittee of Taste, took the trouble to walk woe Pall Mall to see the picture? The answer given to the proprietor by the Trustees was every way worthy of that noble body—" They had already so many specimens of CORREG los in the Gallery that they could not recommend the Government to treat for this." " So many? "—Yes, that they know not what to do with them, and are obliged to stow them away, covered with dust and dirt, in the passages; where, I Shrewdly suspect, they have really two free studies by ConItE610, which, from their ob.curity, they know not that they are ia possessioa et. • But no ; c at Laos and Etz: PEN s. are tore tatting pictures, and these arty he Irmght at any rice. Coo arato't pictures, teo, are Si.) com- ,nae—hia;l'erueres are it, every eoleetiott—Anal, ia fate, we have already ,0 /pour ; P, s,,. oar wairh some day we army ,,,etch at when tweeted our reach. is now.loot to us, sea:hoot the trouble ta aslisog its price or

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