15 JULY 1837, Page 11

C• iLiaSEUM.

Tot: l ulussctt.n, :::1.11 the temple of Janus, 11.14 tia o fronts—one,

stately and solemn, wliose pritteipal featioe Collie portico, for the day Visiters ; the other !to iag lil:t• nitsk Lehl helot e a :tr.ive face. fur the nightly revels—tt.: i. L the company arc ilceorons (Aim to ilithiess. The cooseyvatury vita it, s7i1i)elidons exotic,i—tiowt-..,; for the garden of it giant —and it- ;:v.- to- fountain, looking like the pavilion of a naiad with its coes,hke frame of jeta- Wow surmounted by a rece of liquid- erystul—the Sivios cottage and its mimic alphe prospect, and the Saloon of Sculpture, are attractions common to both sets of visitees. The lighting up, however, gives theta a different aspect at night ; and then the recesses in the salmi's are opened by peeps of scenery, nod the cold twenty of sculptural torus is eclipsed by the unlimited charm of glowing cheeks and sparkling eyes, and figures graceful in spite of fashion. The uttractions of the day exhibition—the principal one of which is the famous Panorama of Loadon—are opetaall the year round : the evening entertainments last but for a short seuson, that commenced on Wednesday. The amusements consist of an operatic version of Punch and Judy, and two pretty little ballets. The attempt of the mortals to imitate the fun that the "bruin-vita, Roscins" and his peripatetic corps of pup. pets enact in the ambulatory theatres open to all, was, of course, a failure. Mr. Punch will crow triumphantly over his rivals of flesh and blood. Bad actors are called " sticks" and "puppets:" but these epithets are now proved to be too flattering. The only human being that ever successfully emulated the wooden movements and indomitable hilarity of Punch, was Alazettlett,—and his performance even was more curious than droll : but to make Punch walk and talk and sing like an ordinary mortal, is a preposterous mistake. The comic ballet, entitled Mud as a March Hare, is very amusing, and the fun is kept up with great spirit. 'f he grotesque dancing and pantomimic drolleries of the marl clown and the dandy lover are capital. A triad of pretty and plump Miss SMITHS, with sweet tut little voices, warbled like a choir of piping bullfinches.