15 JULY 1837, Page 17

A Narrative of Captain James Fawckner's Travels on the Coast

of Benin, written by himself, has been edited and published by a friend for the benefit of the unfortunate voyager ; who, in addi- tion to severe personal sufferings, by which his health was de- stroyed, sustained heavy losses of property. Besides the painful interest that belongs to the simple and affecting relation of the horrors and privations of a captivity, or at best a compulsory so- journ, among a barbarous and cruel race of savages, the insight it gives into the appearance and habits of the tribes of West Africa, and the aspect of a country of which so little is known, though the lives of several enterprising travellers have been sa- crificed to obtain information, would recommend it to the reader, independently of the benevolent object of its publication.