15 JULY 1837, Page 18

Three books of Instruction are before us.

1. Mrs. E. E. PERKINS'S Elements of Botany, with Illustra- tions, is expressly designed for young ladies ; all equivocal matter being carefully, but perhaps not very wisely, keep out of view. The system followed is in the main that of LINN.EUST the lead- ing divisions of the work are Organs of Vegetation, Organs of Fructification, and Classification ; and many of the subjects are represented by engravings from drawings by the fair author, a botanical painter by profession.

2. Rudiments of Modern Geography. By ALEXANDER REID, A.M. 3. Rudiments of English Grammar. By ALEXANDER REID, A. M. Dryness seems to be the characteristic of both these brochures. 'They are a skeleton, rather than a body of science ; and better for table-books of reference, by all persons, than for study by little children.