15 JULY 1837, Page 8

As the large steam-ship the Batavier, bound for Rotterdam, with

a considerable number of passengers, was proceeding down the river, on Sunday morning, she was run against, off Eritb, by a brig of about 300 tons burden. The shock completely shattered the long-boat on the starboard side of the steamer, and carried away one of the state•cabins, as well as doing great damage to the poop. The Batavier was able to proceed on her voyage, although some of the passengers were so alarmed as to insist on being put on shore at Gravesend. The brig was so much injured as to be obliged to come to anchor immediately.

Mr. Petworth, a builder, while superintending his workmen at a house in Norton Street, on Thursday morning, fell from a scaffold to the ground, and received such serious injury that he died about an hour afterwards.

A fire broke out in the aviary of the Starry Zoological Gardens about twelve o'clock on Wednesday. None of the birds were injured, but some trees and part of a wooden building were destroyed.

About half-past eleven last night, a fire broke out in the premises of Mr. Fleetwood, oilman and tallow-melter, Old Gravel Lane, Wap. ping ; and by twelve o'clock, nearly the whole of the extensive build- ings were destroyed : several adjoining houses were much damaged.