15 JULY 1893, Page 1

By Monday, however, the prosperous omens had all dis- appeared,

and the Cabinet had sunk back into the hope- less slough of Republican Concentration. It was announced that M. Peytral had withdrawn his resignation, and it was also made known that there were to be certain consequences of this " placating " of the Radicals,—to use the phrase of the American wirepullers. M. Loz6, the able Prefect of Police who saw Paris through the riots without serious bloodshed, and who has kept order in the capital for the last seven years with the greatest success, was to be got rid of (he is to get something in the diplomatic service), and " other comple- mentary measures " were to be carried out in regard to the organisation of the police. In other words, M. Dupuy brought back his Chancellor of the Exchequer by throwing-over M. Loz6. The President, who came up from Marly for the crisis, is said to have been the organiser of this surrender.