15 JULY 1893, Page 1


MR. GLADSTONE will succeed in making the House of Lords the most popular institution in the country. The Ninth Clause of his Bill, a deliberate attempt to pull down the British Constitution, in order to build out of its ruins a temporary political log-house for the use of the Irish National Leaguers, passed the House of Commons on Thursday by a majority of 27. Charles Lamb's imaginary Chinese, who burnt down villages in order to enjoy roast-pork, was economical in the comparison. The House of Lords will save us from this triumph of Mr. Gladstone's destructive .energy, and will win back for itself the nation's gratitude by so doing. Lord Salisbury reminded his atudience at the Junior Constitutional Club yesterday week of Charles Baying ; " My deai James, they will never kill me to make you King." It will certainly apply to the popular feeling about the House of Lords, when the people see that its destruction would place ithem at the mercy of such an Assembly as the present House of Commons.