15 JULY 1893, Page 25

Bourne's Handy Assurance Manual, 1891 Edited by H, S. Carpenter.

(H. S. Carpenter.)—This periodical has been fre- quently noticed before in these columns, and may be again com- mended to all readers interested in the subject. The most important table in the pamphlet is that on pp. 155-56, where the "Assurances in force " are given in one column, and the " Life Funds " in another. It is supposed that an office to be perfectly safe should have funds in band equal to one-third of the sums assured. Of eighty-seven offices, thirty-seven fulfil this con- dition. Several others approach so near that they may be practically included in the satisfactory class. But what are we to say of an office which shows £40,452,451 of assurances in force and £607,378 of funds in hand ? This is less than a sixtieth. Pro- bably some explanation can be given. Two large foreign offices show £100,425,236 to £26,212,550, and £131,454,447 to £22,256,799.