15 JULY 1893, Page 26

Heather and Snow. By George Macdonald. 2 vols. (Chatto and

Windus.)—All the figures in Dr. George Macdonald's story stand out with admirable distinctness on his canvas. Kirsty Barclay, whom we may call the heroine, is a specially fine creation, too fine, we can hardly help thinking, for the destiny to which she is devoted. But the subtlest skill of the author's pen is used in the portraiture of the " natural," Kirsty's brother. Something is wanting in the lad, but he has something that others lack. There is also something both pathetic and full of spiritual suggestion in his figure, in his solitary waiting for the "bonny man," the unseen Friend whom he believes to be always near. The scene of his death is oue of the author's very finest effects. A snow-storm on the hills was never more admirably described. Heather and Snow is a book that no one, we venture to say, having once taken it up, will lay down. No one, we may add, but will feel his better self invigorated by it.