15 JULY 1893, Page 3

Wednesday's Times publishes a letter from Bishop Tucker which is

of ,very great importance as regards Uganda. It states that forty of the principal Protestant: chiefs in the country have signed a Declaration expressing their -wish for the abolition of domestic slavery,—the slave-trade is already abolished. The Bishop was asked by some Protestant natives if they ought to surrender certain runaway slaves to the. Mahommedans. He replied,—Yes, if it is the law ; but that if they thought the law bad, they should get it altered. Ultimately the chiefs declared for "untying and freeing com- pletely all our slaves;" and therefore, if the Roman Catholics will only agree, slavery will cease in Uganda. The Bishop has, no doubt, a right to be proud of this practical triumph of Christianity. He points out, however, that if we retire, slavery in its most hideous form will reappear ; and hopes, therefore, that the incident will cause those who have doubts as to retention to change their minds.