15 JULY 1905, Page 26

Annandale (N.), Fames and Iceland, or 8vo (Clarendon Press) net

4/6 C.B.

Brown (C.), Trial and Triumph, cr 8vo (3. Clarke) net 2/6

Byerley (L. W.), In Merry Portsmouth Town, or 8vo (Stockwell) net 3/0 Capes (B.), A Jay of Italy : a Novel, Cr 8vo (Methuen 6/0 Capes (B.), Romance of Lohengrin, or 8vo (Dean 6/0 Comstock (S. C.), Rebel Prince : a Novel, cr 8vo (Long 6/0

Corpus Poetarum Latmorum, VoL IL, 4to (Bell) net 25/0

Cox (W. L. P.), Aids to Belief in the Miracles and Divinity (E. Stock) net 2/6 Craig (R.), Rock Plants. cr 8vo....... ........................... ........(Stockwell) net 2/6

Deaver (3. B.), Enlargement of the Prostate, 8vo (Rebman) net 30/0 Gooch (F. A.) and Walker (C. F.), Outlines of Inorganic Chemistry,

or 8vo (Macmillan) net 7/6 Greener (W.), The Exploits of Jo Solis, cr 8vo (Hurst & Blackett) 6/0 Guinness (H. G.), History Unveiling Prophecy, Sin ..... ........ (Revell net 7/6 Gunsaulus (F. W.), Paths to Power, cr 8vo .. (Revel net 4/6 Hancock (H. J.), Complete Kano Jiu-Jitsu, 8vo (Putnam net 18/0 Hedges (K.), Modern Lightning Conductors, 8vo (Lockwood net 6/6

Herklese (j.1„. College of St. Leonard, 8vo (W. Blackwood) net 7/6 Hewlett (M. , Fool Errant, a Novel, cr 8vo (Heinemann) 6/0

Higgins ('A. .), Elements of Agricultural Law, or 8vo (Vinton) net 3/6 Houchin (J. W.), The Vision of God. Cr 8vo (Stockwell) net 2/6 Hulbert (A. B.), Queen of Quelparte, cr 8vo (Ward & Lock) 6/0 Hume (F.), The Opal Serpent, a Novel, cr 8vo (Long) 6/0 Knight (H. RA, History and Records of the Buffs, 8vo (Gale & Polden) net 25/0 Marshall (J. T.), Job and his Comforters, cr 8ve (J. Clarke) net 2/6 Mumford (E. W.), Whitewash, or 8vo (Ward & Lock) 6/0 Nicholls (A. E.), Seamanship and Viva-Voce Guide, 8vo (J. Brown) net 6/0 Pedder (H. C.), The Shadow of Rome, or 8ve (E. Stock) 6/0 Seaton (P.), For Love and Loyalty : a Novel, or 8v0 (G. A. Morton) 6/0 Smart (I- s.), James Macpherson, cr 8vo (Butt) net 3/6 Strawson (G. F.), Insects and Fungi Injurious to Plants, Part H., 8vo (Simpkin) net 3/6 Swinburne (A. C.), Love's Cross-Currents, cr 8vo...(Chatto & Windns) net 6/0 Taylor (T.), Cotton Weaving and Designing, or 8vo (Longmans) net 7/6 Thoughts after Business Hours, by a City Man, Lemo (Simpkin) 20 Two Friends of Old England, by Saxo-Norman, cr 8vo (E. Wilson) 2/6

Yorke (C.), Alit of the Glen : a Novel, or fivo (Lang) 6/0