15 JULY 1905, Page 3

On Thursday in the House of Commons Mr. McCrae moved

a reduction of £100 in the Volunteer Vote of 21,220,000 in order to call attention to the present War Office policy towards the Volunteers. A number of speakers, including Sir Howard Vincent, Major Seely, and Sir Gilbert Parker, appealed to the Government to reconsider the reduction of

the Volunteers which they apparently proposed, and the whole attitude towards the force indicated by recent circulars. With the general merits of the question we have dealt fully elsewhere. On a division the Motion was defeated by the small majority of 26 (232 votes against 206). The evening sitting was occupied with a general discussion of War Office policy, in which Mr. Arnold-Forster made a long statement of the improvements effected since he took office. A Motion to reduce his salary was defeated by 169 votes to 132.