15 JUNE 1833, Page 10

An inquest was held, on Wednesday week, on the body

of the soldier who was killed at Middleton, in the county of Cork, on the day when the attempt was made to serve the processes for the collection of Dr. Austen's tithe. The particulars of this affair were given in last week's Spectator. The July returned a verdict of Casual Homicide, by some party unknown. The principal witness was Captain Nangle, the com- mander of the Police ; and the most important passage in his evidence is that in which he distinctly says, that previous to the attempt to collect the tithe, the parish was " particularly quiet."

A violent attack was made on a Mr. Moss, tithe-agent at Castleder- mot, county of Carlow, on Tuesday week, by a crowd that collected to prevent his men serving latitats, and he had a very narrow escape. The Hartigans, father and son, were on the same day almost beaten to death at Kilsheelan ; but, with characteristic national vitality, have suffici- ently recovered to swear informations against three of them, who were in consequence arrested by the Police as partisans in the riot.