15 JUNE 1833, Page 10

The Times has discovered that the Queen was not enthusiastically

received by the multitude during her progress through the City on Thursday to St. Paul's, but on the contrary, that she was violently hissed and hooted. When Earl GREY'S Ministry is held up to public reprobation by the Times, the Queen is sure to be well received at the Theatres and in the Parks ; but when the Conservative faction is de- nounced, then her Majesty, their supposed patroness, is violently hissed and hooted : it is rather hard that the Queen should be made a scapegoat on all these occasions.

The truth is, that no Royal welcome ever was or could be more cordial than that of Queen ADELAIDE in the City. The hissers were so few and feeble, and the increased bursts of acclamation, which their putty effort excited, were so overpowering, that the intended insult became a real triumph. The Queen herself, we know, was delighted with her reception, and continued to talk of it, in the circle at Windsor. Some one, addressing the King, inquired if his Majesty did not feel cold ? i

" I cannot feel cold," the King replied, "while listening to what the Queen has been telling me."