15 JUNE 1833, Page 13


WE read of no statesmen, in ancient or modern times, who regu-

lated their political course by such truly Christian principles as the members of Earl GREY'S Administration. Their main desire and constant effort is to do good to those who despitefully use them,—like spaniel puppies, who become more affectionately sub- missive with each successive kick. Sir HENRY HARDINGE, a few nights ago, informed them of the vile ingratitude with which their favours were received by the Army—of the disrespect with which their names were mentioned at the United Service Club ; but Colonelcies and Governorships are still showered down upon these sneeringg recipients, and Lord HILL and his Secretary are suffered to lord it at the Horse Guards as if Toryism were yet in the as- cendant.

Again, the recommendation of the Bishops—Anti-Ministerial and Anti-Reforming though they be—is all-powerful with the Chancellor; and the poor Whig curates, who fondly hoped that their day of promotion was at length arrived, are doomed to endure a protracted term of semi-starvation, and to wonder at the good .fortune of their Tory brethren, who, in whatever direction the political world may turn, always seem to light upon their feet. The zeal and perseverance with which these latter throw dirt in 'the face of their patrons on every convenient occasion, only brings the Ministerial virtue of placability into stronger light.

In the Law department, some envious slanderers of Lord BROUGHAM'S fair !lame have declared that the Chancellor had dis- :carded that amiable rule which the Cabinet had generally adopted

for its guidance in the disposal of their patronage. We are happy, therefore, to have it in our power to point the attention of our readers to a recent exercise of patronage, which proves undeniably the falsehood of this insinuation. It is well known that 'Shrop- shire is the stronghold of Toryism ; and some might suppose that a Reforming Administration would seize every opportu- nity to encourage and support their friends in their battle . with their foes in that quarter. But be who could entertain :such a supposition, is incapable of appreciating the exalted motives

which actuate such a mind as that of Lord BROUGHAM. On the contrary, in the late appointment of Bankrupt Commissioners for the county in question, especial care was taken to select three zealous Anti-Reformers, and only one lukewarm Whig for the office; while one of the few supporters of the Ministry among the

Shropshire lawyers—a man of talent and independence, warmly recommended, moreover, by the Duke of CLEVELAND—was passed over with neglect. But then, two of the gentlemen appointed have the merit of being friends of the Earl of Powis, whose per- severing hostility to Ministers is well known ; and the third had distinguished himself as a spokesman on the Anti-Reforming side. Here was a fine opportunity for the exercise of that Christian feel- ing, which we set out with attributing in so high a degree to the Ministry; and it was not to be suffered to pass unimproved. We • only hope that the disappointed expectants of their party will 'view their-conduct in Ike same light that we do.