15 JUNE 1833, Page 9

A watch-box on Blackfriars Bridge was burnt on Wednesday. It

appears, that a man who had been smoking, threw his pipe over the watch-box, and it fell with some lighted tobacco on a quantity of straw behind ; the wind fanned it into a blaze, which extended to the wood- work of the watch-box. This is said to be the first fire that has hap- pened on a bridge in the Metropolis since the celebrated one on Lon- don Bridge. There was a great crowd gathered together, by the cry that " Blackfriars Bridge was on fire."

A fire broke out on Monday, on the premises of Mr. Reddall, a builder, in Bunhill Row; which were totally consumed. The fire extended to some adjacent buildings in Featherston Street, and de- stroyed five houses. No lives were lost, but property of great value was consumed. Some of the houses are insured at the Sun Office.

The George the Fourth public-house, Church Lane, Islington, was destroyed by fire on Saturday morning; the inmates barely escaping with their lives, through the exertions of the Police.