15 JUNE 1867, Page 2

The Conservatives of the London University, or rather the half-and-halfs

who shrink from Liberalism, and think Ambiguity

the right line for a University member, evidently have very hazy I selves to death in agony. This extremity of pain certainly conceptions of party statesmen. We read in the Globe of Wednes- suggests cerebral disease, as does the curvature of the spine. day that at a meeting of these gentlemen, held at the Marylebone stit te T sd the first d d 1 ti for h In ti on ue ay, ey rs a opte a resolution

on or t e

appointment of a committee "to find a candidate of moderate views, and, if practicable, a graduate of scientific, and especially medical knowledge;" then discussed whether or not their Com- mittee should be called " The Liberal-Conservative Committee," a point which they decided to leave to the Committee itself ; then decided to ask Lord Stanley to act as their President ; and, finally, after discussing a motion of Dr. Tyler Smith's to invite Mr. Card- well and Mr. Robert Lowe to be their Vice-Presidents, decided that Mr. Cardwell might object to be called Liberal-Conservative, and that Mr. Lowe, " though an able, was not a practical man !" It is just possible that neither Mr. Cardwell nor Mr. Lowe might exactly wish to be called Liberal-Conservative. But no doubt Mr. Lowe has so fairly laid himself open to the charge of belonging to the anti-popular party, that we can scarcely believe the rumour that any of the genuine Liberals of the University are disposed to bring him forward.