15 JUNE 1867, Page 22

Individual Liberty, Legal Moral, and Licentious, in which the Political

Fallacies of T. S. Mill's Essay " On Liberty" are pointed out. By Index. (Vasey.)—We were rather carious to know how the fallacies of an "Essay on Liberty " could be pointed out in liberty. But the abyss of rubbish into which this ill-timed curiosity plunged us, showed that the grammar

of the title-page was a faithful index to the confusion of the contents.

After accusing Mr. Mill of mere puerility, absolute triteness, adding nothing to the most common-place collection of ideas, egregious vague- ness, verbosity, and incoherence, so that his sentences contain as mach

meaning as the same number of words taken consecutively from a column of Walker's Dictionary, the writer proceeds to get simply drunk

on alcohol. Has not he any friends to take care of him ? They should not let him expose himself in such a state. A little reading of Mill seems a dangerous thing, especially to those whose heads have no place provided in them for logic.