15 JUNE 1867, Page 23

The Heroes of Crampton. A Novel. By J. G. Holland.

(C. W. Wood.)—The most curious feature of this novel, which we may say at once has considerable merit, is that it has been "adapted to English readers" in much the same way as, according to Washington Irving, the King's head on the signpost was changed into General Washington. The story is intensely American in many of its details, as well as in its spirit. When we come across such words as "muss," "graduate," "day-train," &a., we feel that we have crossed the Atlantic, yet we are told of people going to London, and even the Fourth of July figures as "Queen's Birthday." It would have been far better if there had been no attempt to disguise the nationality of the novel. The mask is too thin to afford a real concealment, and the book is too good to be ashamed of its origin.