15 JUNE 1929, Page 12


[FRENCH PAINTERS OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. LEFEVRE GALLERY.] THE organizers of the exhibition of nineteenth century French painters at the Lefevre Gallery, King Street, St. James's, state in the introduction to their catalogue that they believe that this exhibition marks a unique occasion. Each of the ten pictures exhibited is described, and rightly so, as a master- piece. Everyone of them has been exhibited all over Europe, has been catalogued in the important works on these Masters, and may be said to possess the 'longest of pedigrees. The collection was formed by a connoisseur of great discrimina- tion," and forms a harmonious whole. The exhibition con- sists of ten pictures, one each by Cezanne, Degas, and Toulouse- Lautrec, three by Renoir, and two each by Van Gogh and Seurat. Cezanne is represented by a small and very firm still life, Les Grosses Pommes, and Degas by a scene behind the ballet with two charmingly dressed ballerinas. Van Gogh's works are Les Roses, pale and full of luscious greens, and a female portrait, La Maumee. To paint women, gardens and sunlight delighted Renoir, and in Dans Les Roses you have all three to a superlative degree. But it would be hard to choose between this and his Femme Aux Lilas, with the sunlight fleeked about the head and shoulders of the lady who holds the bunch of white and purple lilac. His other picture, La Yok, with two ladies in a very yellow boat, is hung in apposition to Seurat's La Baie de Grandcamp, and gives a good opportunity of comparing methods. Only six large pictures by Seurat, neo- impressionist and creator of " pointillisme," are in existence, so his Parade is a rarity. This circus scene should be seen by all who want to get an insight into this peculiar technique. Lautree is said to have liked ugliness, and the two people in A La Mk are certainly no beauties, but there is a truthfulness and reality about the work which hits you in the face. It should be remembered that the chance of seeing this gem of a collection in its entirety may not occur again, so this oppor- tunity should not be missed..