15 JUNE 1929, Page 16


Gardeners may profit by a glance at the bedding of dahlias outside Buckingham Palace. For the second year the beds are planted with Coltness Gem. It is a single dwarf dahlia of a singular brightness, coloured a deep scarlet. It flowers freely, never 'exceeds its normal lowly stature, and has few, if any rivals in its class, which is increasing in popularity. The single dahlias have none of the freakishness of the cactus or the waxen solidity of the show dahlia ; and the dwarf habit has its uses. Florists are perforce continually experimenting in the comparative popularity of colours and forms ; and one or two growers who are also florists have profited not a little by watching the buyers of cut flowers. One of the " best sellers " among flowers is the pyrethrum. Money is made of it by small-holders and a few amateurs ; and the pyrethrum has' many colours. Most of us perhaps prefer for our gardens the deep reds. Yet there is no doubt that buyers ,prefer one of the pinks. There is a recent variety, named Mrs. E. M. Robinson, which is usually bought out before any other flower is touched. The shade is certainly seductive, and other pinks, thought not far removed, inspire no particular preference.

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