15 JUNE 1929, Page 16

sanctuaries in existence, I may perhaps be excused for special

zeal for the promoters of such reserves. A new extension is desired for one of the sanctuaries nearest to London, at Selsdon Wood in Surrey. It is a part of one of the only large woods left. A spacious reserve is already in being and is populous with birds ; but its quietude will be threatened, its charm and usefulness much diminished if a small adjacent area of about thirteen acres is thrown open to so:called " de- velopment," a word of terror in the ears of lovers of English scenery. The place rejoices in some delicious English names. The bits of wood are called Hillocks and Broom, and are separated from the rest of an undulating glade known as David's Crook. A sum of about £4,000 will save and equip this little paradise which will be vested in the National Trust. One of the authors of the appeal (to whom donations should be sent) is a man to whom English people owe an immense debt. His influence, knowledge, and tact and burning zeal for rural England have helped to save scores. of threatened indignities to local rights as well as the native beauty of England, He is Mr. L. W. Chubb, of the Commons and Foot- paths Preservation Society, whose offices are at 71 Eccleston Square. Botanists no less than ornithologists should work on behalf of this sanctuary, for the columbine and herb Paris flourish there as well as the nightingale and nightjar.

* * * *