15 JUNE 1929, Page 17


5114—The .COn.servatives have been blamed for non-action in 'the- imemplOyinent problem, but whose fault was this ? Had they 'adopted the bat solution, Viz., substitution of work with fiir pay for the demoraliiing dole, would the other two parties have 'brieked theni ? If the Labour 'party will take the lead in this matter all right-thinking men of the other two parties will support them. We ought to rejoice in the opportunity provided by our million unemployed of doing a work which otherwise could not be done, viz., banishing slums, and erecting decent and liveable houses at low rents

for the working class. Fifty-two millions, or more, are now annually wasted on demoralizing decent unemployed men, many of whom detest and despise the system, but any arrangement, which raised the amount of the dole, and attached it to work done, would be rejoiced in by all decent working men. Let doles without work be reserved for the aged and sick, and all other recipients receive them only • in return for their value in work.

Good houses at low rents, without any additional taxes on the general community, could thus and not otherwise be obtained. Let those who constantly paint the horrors of slums urge this or some other equally possible solution of the all important problem.—I am, Sir, &c., BERESFORD Porre.R.

Union Club, Carlton House Terrace, S.W. 1.