15 JUNE 1929, Page 2

The League Council and Minorities When we write, the fate

of the Minorities Report by the Committee of Three—of which Sir Austen Chamberlain is believed to be chief author—is still in the balance. On Tuesday Herr Stresemann made out a good case for further examination of the issue of principle, presumably at the Assembly in September. On the major question we would point out that a Permanent Mandates Commission was established, and has worked very well—although the mandated territories were resigned to the Allied and Associated Powers and not to the League ; frankly we do not see why the same procedure should not be morally and legally justified with regard to this other " sacred trust," the rights of national minorities which run the risk of being trampled on by the " Minority States," smarting under previous injustice. A. .plenary meeting of the Council took place-on Thursday.. It is apparently common ground that there must be some minor adjustments of procedure—particularly in the direction of publicity— in accordance with Senator Dandurand's proposals. We should like to see the whole matter thoroughly aired in the. Assembly. ..