15 JUNE 1929, Page 2

The Vatican and the Quirinal On Friday, June 7th, the

Prime Minister of Italy, accompanied by two other members of his Government, repaired to the Vaticiin for the formal exchange of ratifications of the Treaties signed on February 11th between the Holy See and the Fascist Government. The ceremony was simple but impressive. As a symbol of the new concord the Portone di Bronzo, which has remained half-closed ever since 1870, was opened wide, while immediately after the signature and the initial financial transaction the Vatican representatives dis- patched a telegram from the Holy Father, imparting his Apostolic benediction on the Royal House and on Italy. The King replied with suitable courtesy. Then Signor Mussolini retired to Cardinal Gasparri's private study, where, to judge from the comments of our Rome correspondent, he was likely to have un mauvais quail d'heure. Italian Catholics will henceforth be tormented by conflicting loyalties, and we are afraid they will derive small comfort from the assertion in .// revere that " the two sovereignties have each moved far enough to establish contact." The organ of -the younger Fascist generation, L'Impero, is very - much less disposed to meet. the Papal declarations with " Fascist serenity." * * * *