15 JUNE 1929, Page 22

The funeral oration of Pericles, published under the title 11EPIKABO

AOPOZ EIIITASIOZ (Oxford University Press, 3s. 6d.), is too well known to demand praise or appreciation. Beautifully printed and attractively bound, this slender volume will be a rrijaa is del, and our only regret is that Greek letters were not used for the pagination of the first part, where our cold English numerals are an incongruous intrusion. The oration is followed by the translation of Thomas Hobbes which, though it misses the fire and vigorous rhythm of the original, and particularly of the almost untranslatable epiXimaiXoiiiii* passage, is still a delight to read and probably the best of the many renderings which have been attempted.

* * * *