15 JUNE 1929, Page 29

A Library List

MISCELLANEOUS: On the High Seas. By Commander K. Chatterton. (Philip Allan. 10s. 6d.)-Practical Criti- cism. By I. A. Richards. (Kegan Paul. 12s.

The Fight for the Ashes, 1928-29. By M. A. Noble. (Harrap. 15s.)-Economic Control. By N. S. Smith. (P. S. King. 15s.)-An Introduction to the Procedure of the House of Commons. By G. F. M. Campion. (Philip Allan. 12s. 6d.)-Sykes of Sledniere. By J. Fairfax- Blakeborough. (Philip Allan. 21s.) HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY :-A History of Day, 1871-1915. By B. Croce. Translated by C. M. Ady. (Oxford University Press. 15s.)-English Men and Manners in the Eighteenth Century. By A. S. Turberville. (Oxford University Press. 10s.)-A History of England. By C. E. Robinson. (Methuen. 21s.)-Chapters on Currerit International Law and the League of Nations. By Sir J. F. Williams. (Longmans. 25s.)-Survey of International Affairs,1927. By A. J. Toynbee. (Oxford University Preste. 24s.)-The Ponsonby Family. By Major-General Sir Ponsonby. (Medici Society. 80s.)-Scoundrels and Scallywags. By T. Divall. (Bean. 6s.) FierroN :-The Duke of York's Steps. By H. Wade. (Con- stable. 7s. 6d.)-Afternoon and Twilight of Panda Pinelli. By L. Steni. (Jonathan Cape. 7s. 6d.)-- Coonardoo. By K. S. Prichard. (Jonathan Cape. 78.00 -The Reimers. By E. Landi. (Chatto and Windt*.- 7s; 6d.)