15 JUNE 1929, Page 29

More Books of the Week

(Continued from page 938.) The life-story of Sir Joseph Robinson, as told in Memories Mints, and Millions (Simpkin, Marshall, 12s. 6d.) is less biography than history. It is the story of the diamond mines and the Rand. Sir Joseph was among the first to hear of both, and backed his faith in the Rand to an extent which made him, for a time, a byword among his contemporaries-until the reef was found. His public spirit and moderation, however, gave to Sir Joseph Robinson a position which has been rivalled by none of the South African pioneers except Rhodes, and make his story also the story of South Africa, in a sense in which even Rhodes' was not. At a crucial moment in its history it was Sir Joseph who was on the side which has since proved to be in the true interest of the country, and Rhodes who was largely responsible for the events which delayed its develop- ment. Nevertheless, the reviewer may be forgiven if he feels that he would have wished for more of Sir Joseph in the book, and less of the political history which can be obtained from other and more general sources.

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