15 JUNE 1929, Page 29

Mr. Philip Burtt, who was deputy general manager of the

North Eastern Railway, has written an excellent book on Railway Eledrification and Traffic Problems (Pitman, 10s. 6d.). He is convinced that the railway companies must turn from steam to electricity as their motive power if they want to increase traffic and reduce cost. He summarizes the experience gained both here and abroad, notably in Holland, Switzerland, and America, to prove his point. Electric working, he says, means faster, more frequent, and more punctual trains. With a faster service, less rolling stock is required for the same amount of traffic. Goods trains can be handled more easily and run at a higher speed by electricity than by steam. Ile foresees the electrification of main lines in the near future, if the railway companies are resolved to hold their own. The work is fully documented and well illustrated, and deserves serious attention, especially from railway shareholders.