15 JUNE 1996, Page 29


Sir: During your predecessor's time there was talk of putting pictures of your regular contributors at the head of their articles so that those of us far away from home would know what our heroes and heroines looked like. But nothing came of it and the only person we can put a face to is Mary Killen.

Is there any chance of a change in policy? At the moment I visualise your contributors as follows: Bruce Anderson (Teddy Roo- sevelt); A.N. Wilson (Kenneth Williams); Michael Heath (Roy Hattersley); Dot Wordsworth (Fay Weldon); Theodore Dal- rymple (Kingsley Amis); Paul Johnson (W.C. Fields); Petronella Wyatt (Esther Rantzen); Talci (George Raft); Jeffrey Bernard (Lord Carrington); Leanda de Lisle (Penelope Keith); Digby Anderson (C.E.M. Joad); Simon Barnes (Ray Illing- worth); Christopher Fildes (Charles Laughton). And you, Sir — Julian Barnes. Am I close?

A.R Evans

1 Long Pond Road, Armonk, NY, USA.

Without commenting on the accuracy of Mr Evans's speculations, I would need to know the wishes of other readers before taking so grave a step. — Ed.