15 JUNE 1996, Page 29

Singing the blues

Sir: Jan Morris need not worry that the Conservatives will win the next general election (`Mr Blair, loser of the Labour Party', 8 June), although she may be right to question what sort of Labour govern- ment will ensue.

The fact is that this lot of Tories have had the arrogance to attack their own con- stituency many times too often. They have attacked doctors, home-owners, business- men, farmers, lawyers, judges. They have buggered up hospitals, the health service, financial services, railways, agriculture. They have smothered the country and its enterprise with regulations and regulators who act on whim and ignorance. They have increased taxation where they promised to reduce it. They have complicated taxation where they promised to simplify it. They boast about successful economic policies but try to hide the fact that the success came from international money markets forcing them to abandon their chosen disas- trous policy, the ERM.

There are now more than enough life- long Conservative voters who will not vote Conservative again as long as the present incumbents are likely to continue in office to ensure that Labour will be elected with or without policies.

Yet still Messrs Clarke, Rifkind, Howard, Heseltine, Portillo and Bottomley cannot or will not understand why they and their civil servants are so hated by Conservatives.

Michael Ware 64 Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill, London N10