15 JUNE 1996, Page 58

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IN COMPETITION NO. 1936 you were invited to supply helpful mnemonic verses for those who have difficulty remembering the names of the seven dwarfs (or dwarves) in Snow White.

My friend, I fear, will continue to prey on the public Pet you can't remember . . . ') with impunity. Your entries were mainly minimally mnemonic — how's that for a tongue-twister? — and there were fewer than usual candidates for the money awards.

The prizewinners, printed below, get £20 each, and the bonus bottle of Isle of Jura


The forgettable seven


Single Malt Scotch whisky is Eric Payne's.

D is the drug Dopey takes, I would say, W is the wide-awake hat Sleepy scorns, A's the apple a day which keeps Doc away, R is the rose on which Grumpy finds thorns,

11) 11,G1.1 VW scmcx cilsoA I ISLE OF

V is the visage which Bashful won't show, E the elation which Happy emits, S is the snout which poor Sneezy must blow, DWARVES the mnemonic to rally your wits. (Eric Payne) Grumpy is blue, Bashful is red, Sneezy has flu, Sleepy's in bed, Happy has glee, Dopey's moronic, Doc cannot see, That's a mnemonic! (Bill Greenwell) Said the Doc, 'Are you Sneezy? Your throat, is it sore? Don't be Grumpy or Bashful, but tell me the score. Just swallow these pills — not too many, I pray, We don't want you Sleepy and Dopey all day!

But take my advice. By tonight you will see You're as happy as any dwarf-catcher can be!

(C.A. Hely-Hutchinson) If youwant to call to mind Seven dwarfs, I think you'll find

Pairing them will help keep stock, So then — Dopey goes with Doc.

S is next, and— this is easy —

Sleepy has to go with Sneezy.

GBH was not their line, The initials fit in fine.

Then Grumpy, looking just as if He could give you a good biff, Bashful, blushing like a rose

(Someone hit him on the nose?),

Happy, laughing, but at what? That's because you've got the lot.

(Jermyn Thynne) D is for Dopey, so drowsy and dim,

With Sleepy, his brother, accompanying him. A-tishoo, says Sneezy with nose all a-dripping. Radiant behind him, Happy is skipping. Very different is Grumpy, that moaning old grouse. Ever-reddening is Bashful, as quiet as a mouse. Seventh comes Doc, that wise old MO All marching and singing 'Hi-Ho' as they go.

(Michael Popkin)