15 JUNE 1996, Page 59

Solution to 1262: Fowl fly or walk 1 L Elan W

a 0 II Is A ri nEiniar auk L a ii

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a E Irl dirciR Illtril


marioniannaniano. inco,riTorg.n.ccia a m tiltfinat 113 C OEM a la R E IMMO 2b A o T rite 1100 r elrl iLl err ria 0 r ill A ur H T Intinttrillgi H PI E A A s s T R On I N E il ° EMI El L

v MEM iii MOD e s

P,EFEA S Mr B No N I .1, C E


A C1011 I The unc ued lights, like the examples in the f tle, could all form phrases with SPANISH. First prize: John Hart, Malvern. Runners-up: The Revd Dr M.J. Peel, Lingfield, Surrey; Jane Ann Liston, St Andrews, Fife.