15 MARCH 1873, Page 1

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THE Irish University debate terminated early on Wednesday morning with the defeat of the Government by a majority of three (287 to 284), in a House, including Speaker and tellers, of 576 members, 36 members having paired, so that 612 members are accounted for. There are now 651 Members, so that there -were 39 absentees who did not pair. Thirty-five Irish Liberal members (9 Protestant and 26 Catholic), two Scotch members, and seven English (or if Sir R. Peel be still named a Liberal, then eight English members), voted against Government. eighteen Liberal members were absent (nine Irish, two Scotch, and seven English), among whom were Lord E. Fitzmaurice, Mr. 'Tre,lawny, and Mr. P. A. Taylor ; and twenty-one Conservatives were absent. Such was the nature of the division which over- threw the Government.