15 MARCH 1873, Page 2

The Bill legalising marriage with a deceased wife's sister was

thrown out on Thursday in the Lomb by a vote of 74 to 49. The- speeches were of the usual kind, and the division litt&_no party character, Lord Kimberley voting. fer the Bill, while the Lord Chancellor opposed it with the utmost vehemence as fatal to the- sanctity of English social life. 'The Bishops- were divided also,. the High Church resisting, the change, which seemed' to the Evangelicals on the whole expedient. Earl Beauchamp contri- buted an oddity to the debate by stating that a petition had been_ forwarded to Parliament from certain Protestant Dirisenters in Dundee praying for permission to have more wives than one.. Are these " Protestant Dissenters " Mormons, perhaps, or is: there a sect in Dundee which considers thePentateuch still.of full and binding obligation?