15 MARCH 1873, Page 24

Golden Lives : Biographies for the Day. By H. A.

Page. (Strahan and Co.)-The subjects of these ton brief biographies aro well chosen, widely various, and yet alike in this, that they were all of real value to the world while they lived, are of real value now in the results of their lives and as typical characters. Mr. Page has fulfilled his task in the instance of these sketches with close attention, keen perception, and strong sympathy. The latter quality is a prominent characteristic .of this writer, and one which never fails to attract. He reads the man 'of whom ho writes by the power of his sympathy ; ho finds his motives, he detects his difficulties, he sifts his aims and his meaning, and puts him before us very complete, real, and living. Mr. Page impresses his readers with a notion of conscientious, painstaking work which is not wearisomely conveyed to them, but comes with a satisfactory sense that he has given them the key-note to each character which he has drawn, and put before them, briefly, indeed, but without triteness, the practical result and lesson of each life. He suggests, without preaching; his book is one not only to read, but to remember. Of the ten "Biographies of the Day" which it contains, those of Michael Faraday, Hugh Miller, and William Burns, the missionary, are of the deepest 'interest.