15 MARCH 1940, Page 16

It is a strange fact that most of my day-dreams

are archi- tectural. I find myself, when listening to some lengthy discussion in a committee, sketching plans for the rebuilding of the south side of the Thames. Covered bridges, immense arcades, sweeping boulevards arise. Yet I note that some- where in this daring scheme there is an area reserved for my own habitation. There, in the top-most pinnacle of the Temple of Art and Science, is a pent-house in which I myself possess a very comfortable flat, embracing a view to north and south, and positively plastered wtih Cezannes and Picassos. And in the winter months my yacht (it is a small schooner equipped with central heating) slides out from Villefranche on its way to Madeira. " The day-dreams," my friend, my very intellectual friend, might murmur, " of a pig .33