15 MARCH 1940, Page 6

I have heard some misgivings expressed about the result of

the Kettering by-election, on the ground that the " Stop the War " candidate polled more than a quarter of the votes cast. I don't think there is much need for worry. In the first place the poll was a small one, the supporters of the successful Conservative candidate evidently thinking him so safe that there was no need to go far out of the way to vote for him. Secondly, his opponent was described as " Workers' and Pensioners' Anti-War Candidate," and he undoubtedly secured the support of a section of the local Labour Part). which was discontented with the party truce and eager to seize the opportunity to vote against the Government on general grounds. All things considered, I should imagine that the " Stop-the-War " candidate got the majority of his votes rather in spite of that label than on account of it. * * * *