15 MAY 1830, Page 1


We intend to enlarge the size of the SPECTATOR, by one half. Our pages, which are at present 16, will be increased to 24. The form of the paper, however, will not be altered, nor the files of our subscribers injured in nay way.

The gradual augmentation of our means of ministermt ta the information and amuse- ment of the public, have rendered the projected gliaVge desirable; while the gradual encroachment of our commercial friends on page* Which should be devoted to news or to discussion, render it unavoidable. By aur new arrangement, which shall be carried Kato 'effect on Saturday next, it will be In our power to devote a larger space to topics of general interest, and at the same time to render the Advertisements more attractive, by inserting them on a peculiar principle.

it is fortunately as needless as it might be ungraceful for us to enlarge on the merits of the SPECTATOR. It is enough to observe, that it is universally received as THE REST FAMILY JOURNAL in the empire. We may add, that the cost at which it has attained its present character, is unequalled by any journal of the same description. The changes which we have now announced will add very materially to the expense. To afford the proprietors an adequate remuneration, the price will be raised to a Shilling.